Just Play | Helena Family Photographer


My mistake was beginning the session in the park in Old Town. Once the playground was in view it was all Jonah was interested in. So I gave in and said, “well, let’s go play!” It was a good mistake to make – playing produced many a sweet smile from…

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Comfortable | Pelham Family Photographer


It’s clear that Bryce is very comfortable with his family. He has no problem expressing himself, exploring, smiling, not smiling. He loves to snuggle his mom, his beautiful ginger sister, and his dad’s ear. Yes, that’s right, ear. So we let him. Because kids grow up and change. So let…

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Cynthia + Bill | Birmingham Senior Adult Photographer


Cynthia and I have been in Women’s Bible Study at Valleydale Church for many years now. I’ve always admired her beauty and gentle, quiet spirit. She and Bill are Max’s buddy once a month and I am so thankful that this lovely, Godly couple spends time with him. So when…

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Brian + Amy | A Perfectly Imperfect Wedding


I have known Amy, a hard-working (MOM Lawncare and Urban Lines) mother of 2, for about 10 years and have seen God do big things in her life. There have been good times and hard times, but they’ve all been a part of God’s story for her life. In November…

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Fall Fever

The weather this weekend has been AMAZING although I fear it is only a tease and the humidity and unbearable heat will soon return. But for today the breeze, deep blue sky and low humidity reminded me that fall is just around the corner. I can hardly wait for a…

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