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A couple weeks ago at 3am Max had a seizure. It wasn’t unusual, in fact Todd and I were expecting one since he’d been having them every 2-3 days. He was sitting up in his bed when he slumped over hit the floor and pushed 2 of his top front teeth into his gums. Even though his bed is on the floor without a boxspring or frame, all he had to do was fall over just right to injure himself since his overbite is so pronounced.

We checked into Children’s Hospital at 4am and were thankful that Max slept all day long while we waited and waited and waited. Finally around 1pm, a nurse told us it was almost time for them to take Max back so we put his gown on him and waited some more. After roughly 30 minutes, Max became irritable. Todd and I began taking turns walking him through the halls, but his cries were increasing and since his mouth had been seeping all day he became quite unpresentable. So back to the room we went. Throughout the day I had been updating a handful of friends and at this point I told them that he was becoming very unhappy. They all responded that they would pray for him and within minutes Max became extremely happy – almost excited. He was running around the room flapping and buzzing. Yeah God!

Finally, about an hour and a half after we initially got him ready to be wheeled back they came for him. After a quick 30-45 minutes procedure Max was wheeled back to us in a recovery room. After an uneventful ride we arrived at home around 5:45.

On the bright side, because he’s knocked out the 4 teeth (the other 2 have been knocked out in the last year or so due to seizures) that previously stuck out so prominently, there are no more to lose! Also, who doesn’t love a toothless seven-year-old grin. And now he has one forever.

Our sweet girls had meticulously straightened up the house so that all we had to do was put Max and ourselves to bed. My mother had cooked us dinner and was keeping the girls company until we arrived.

For some reason, mom’s are given all the applause, but Todd has always been an amazing dad – keeping cool, calm, collected. He’s comforting and see’s the fun in Max’s uniqueness. I would quickly crumble if it wasn’t for Todd helping to hold us all together.

We are so proud of Max for being tough and choosing to be happy and content. He’s the most patient person I have (and will ever) know.

We HATE epilepsy. Like we REALLY hate epilepsy. Sure we’ve learned alot and met lots of lovely people and learned a ton, but we would have rather met them another way then through life-threatening seizures.

We continue to pray for the seizures to stop, for a medication that will stop them in their tracks. We will keep trying the next treatment and NEVER give up.

God will continue to use Max to teach us to be happy anyways. To be patient always. To have fun. To smile, run, flap, stare deeply, and buzz like no one’s watching.

All is quiet in the house tonight. Abby is worn out from a long day at school, Emmy had a rigorous volleyball practice and like that day two and half weeks ago, like several days since then, Max is sleeping off seizures in his newly floor-padded room. He looks peaceful. Tomorrow Max will wake up happy and pleasant and the cycle will start over.

I am certain that I will see the Lord’s goodness
in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and courageous.
Wait for the Lord.

Psalm 27:13-14

3 thoughts on “Forever 7-Year-Old Grin | My Life

  • Thank you for sharing and opening your heart! Sandy sent me this post. Surely tears flowed. And yes I’m am blessed and yet feel undeserving for all that we have. But what stikes me the most is How the Lord let me see Him more clearly as I read the story. And I couldn’t help to feel His presence. We will be praying always for a miracle with you, but also that God continues to touch people through to yawll. No doubt your children’s characters are changing as well as their view of Gods character.
    Your making a difference Ya Max!!

    You may know Emilie is coming to AL with her family on Christmas Day? She ask if she could bring them to Valleydale!!

    Pretty cool!

    Miss you all!

  • I love you so Sweet Say and your sweet family! I’m praying really hard Max’s seizures can be stopped!

  • Sweet family. You are such a blessing to all. Praying and giving thanks for your children.

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