John Isaac | Family and Special Needs Photographer

First of all let me just say that yes, this blog post is quite late. My reason…kids, summer, and babies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of you know that I began working for Bella Baby Photography in October. Also I hosted my first ever baby shower last month which led me to clean things in my house that I’ve never cleaned. Gross. My hubs and I also felt it necessary to update our quickly deteriorating couch and area rug – so this led to much shopping around. So my house is clean. Come over for a visit now before it’s dirty again! ;-o

Anywho…Here is JI’s story. Last summer, Jennifer’s dad, John Vos, a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather, died suddenly and tragically by taking the brunt of a head on collision by swerving his bike in front of his wife’s when a sleeping driver lost control of his truck. Around that time Jennifer found out that she was surprise pregnant with her 5th child. She quickly knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was going to be the 2nd boy that she had hoped for and his name would be John Isaac. Being over 40, she knew that there was a higher chance that JI would be born with Down’s Syndrome. However, she casted all her cares on the Lord as she so faithfully consistently does and began planning and anticipating this much loved and precious baby sent by God, our Good, Good Father who LOVES giving us gifts.

The morning John Isaac was born, I was slowly getting ready for the day thinking I’d get a few things done in my house before I left to go meet JI for the first time. But my plans changed when Jen sent me a pic of JI. I knew immediately that this baby had Down’s and that Jen, one of my closest friends, was in my club as a mom of a child with special-needs. I hopped in my car before I could even put makeup on or rinse my breakfast dishes. I was right. He was (is) a beautiful baby boy with beautiful angelic features.

JI is indeed a loved, peaceful, perfect addition to Jen and Michael’s family. His siblings, Bella, Micah, Aria, and Victoria are sweet, patient, and loving. They are indeed a beautiful blessed family and I’m so very grateful to call them my friends.

Bow Tie Baby Shower | Keep It Simple

You guys! I hosted a baby shower! All I had to do was sell my couch, buy a couch, replace a rug, buy a entry cabinet, steam mop my entire house, deep clean my bathrooms, purge lots of bathroom stuff (so I could get things off the counter), create a coffee table, and plan food and games. That’s all. Nothing to it. ๐Ÿ˜

In all honesty, I’m so glad I volunteered to host the shower as much needed attention in my home. It’s all done now and feeling much more grown up, clean and inviting. Come over now while my house is still presentable.