Harris Family and Then Some | Birmingham Family Photographer

The original three are David, Amy, and Kate. However, God brought them three more children to love. They provided a home for Rachel and Zeke when they escaped a life that was going downhill fast. God has provided and now Rachel and Zeke have a place of their own. This past fall, David and Amy opened up there home and family to foreign exchange student, Sharon. They are a blessing to watch BE a blessing. When it comes to families, the bigger, the better!

R Family | Birmingham Family Photographer

G Family | Birmingham Family Photographer

H Family | Oak Mountain Family Photographer

B Family | Birmingham Special-Needs Photographer

Sometimes, when photographing autistic kids, you have to put your running shoes on. This was precisely the case for this busy boy. Although mom had picked out the perfect outfit for him to wear, little man was set on his Mitchell’s Place shirt…and his ipad. What a blessing to have a mind of your own.

E Family | Birmingham Special-Needs Photographer