Saturday Morning With My Favorite Teenagers | My Life

Saturday morning Todd Emmy went to Gadsden. He and his guys had a very important meeting…to get their Fantasy Football leagues together. Emmy took advantage of the trip and spent some time with her cousins. So Max, Abby and I were on our own. Abby woke up early – 6ish – and asked to go to Pepper Place and I try not to miss QT with her as I know she will be off to college before I know it.

Abby got a strawberry doughnut that was bigger than her face and Max inhaled some cinnamon sugar doughnut holes. The produce is always colorful and beautiful and the handmade items are always unique.

After a quick trip to Target, we went to Feast and Forest for brunch. Abby had been wanting me to try it for such a long time. OH. MY. WORD. Sooooo delicious! Please go there today! It was absolutely divine. Max had been quietly waiting for his food, but once it arrived he was vocalizing and “mmmmm”ing. Smiling so big! He really appreciates food!

My babies are growing up so quick and I was so thankful to have some QT with my two oldest.



















Bow Tie Baby Shower | Keep It Simple

You guys! I hosted a baby shower! All I had to do was sell my couch, buy a couch, replace a rug, buy a entry cabinet, steam mop my entire house, deep clean my bathrooms, purge lots of bathroom stuff (so I could get things off the counter), create a coffee table, and plan food and games. That’s all. Nothing to it. 😐

In all honesty, I’m so glad I volunteered to host the shower as much needed attention in my home. It’s all done now and feeling much more grown up, clean and inviting. Come over now while my house is still presentable.

Saturday | My Life

We love to spend our Saturday’s eating good food and bumming around as a family. Last Saturday was no different.

Before arriving at our brunch destination, cialis buy cialis I had Abby snap a few shots of me since I’m always the one behind the camera and haven’t updated my profile pic in a while. Of course, my hubs had to jump in!

We visited El Barrio for brunch. it’s a very “hipster” restaurant serving upscale Tex-Mex fare. Their unique food combinations make it difficult to make a decision. You can’t go wrong though. I started out with a Mexican iced latte which was fabulous. Max appreciated sucking down the last bit of it.

From there, we went to Dreamcakes where just outside were two gril with “Red Bull” backpacks walking down the street. What? Another hard decision was made there. We took our cupcakes home to enjoy our sugar high and inevitable crash!

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Long Distance Relationship | My Life

I met Amy in April of 1998 just 8 months before Todd and I got married. Initially she thought I was just another Brookwood (High School) snob and kept walking. Because we had 2 classes together that had a 4 hour break in between we ended up hanging out – I think the fact that I complimented her carrot drawings was the hook. We became fast BFF’s. I knew I was part of the family when her mom educated me on how to rinse and put my dish in the dishwasher one afternoon.

I got married the following December and she got married the summer of 2001 (Abby was 5 months old). We mostly carried out our friendship over the phone/email/mail since I moved from Atlanta to Birmingham just after getting married, sildenafil although we have tried to get together once every year or 2. The distance hasn’t stop us…we’re too kindred for that. We were both pregnant with Brayden and Max at the same time. She followed soon after with Avery and then we were pregnant together again with Emmy and Malli. She has been such a great friend to me always ready to listen and advice. She’s cried with me and laughed with me more times then I can count.

This past weekend we were able to align our schedules so that my family could go for a visit. We arrived late on Friday night, best viagra got our hugs in, Max found the carpet, the girls all found each other, we met their pet turtle, Yertle, and their cat, Caddy (the two other cats, Sadie and Sally, kept to themselves).

On Saturday after we enjoyed Amy’s AMAZING GF blueberry cinnamon muffins, we went tubing (Malli’s birthday request) on the Chestatee River. It was an easy, relaxing float. Followed by a quick swim in the neighborhood swimming pool. Todd and Max had their own adventure for the morning…Costco! Max’s favorite place! For dinner we met with Amy’s parents, Mike and Donna, at California Pizza Kitchen (another birthday request from Malli).

It was a girls trip to Church on Sunday followed by an eat-what’s-in-the-fridge lunch. After a few parting pics, we loaded the car and left.

Goodbye was the worst. The big ugly cry. Yep, that was me. What can I say…there’s never enough time.

*River photos and the one of Emmy and Malli taking pics of each other were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5. The closeups of Emmy and Malli were taken by Emmy and Malli!

ames_01 ames_02 ames_03 ames_04 ames_05 ames_06 ames_06b ames_06c ames_07 ames_08 ames_09 ames_09b ames_10 ames_11 ames_12 ames_13

Australian Invasion 2013 | My Life

This past December we were blessed to have some of my Australian family come for a visit. Weeks before, buy cialis tadalafil my mom and I got together and planned outings, cialis generic health food, restaurants, and PORTRAITS. I typed up the schedule and posted it on the refrigerator at my mom’s house (where my cousin’s and family stayed). Mistake #1… Don’t schedule Australians…. I mean, don’t shhhedule Australians.

Aubrey, Beverly, Desiree, Zachary, Raphael, and Sharon were scheduled to arrive late on Tuesday December 10th. So we arrived at the airport and waited…. which happens to be a great time to knit…


After over 24 hours of travel, they arrived!


The next day was all about sleeping in. The Australians slept past noon. That night I hosted dinner at my house. They had never had chili, so I made chili and cornbread. They loved it… except for Raphael who was sure it was going to be hot like a chili pepper.

Beverly and I discovered that we’re both high-maintenance gift wrappers and she showed her method off to us.


The kids all enjoyed playing video games together

aaus_04 aaus_05

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to do some family photos for them. It was quite cold, so it was quick, and Raphael had a little trouble bringing out his smile, but I got a few keepers, I think.

aus_01 aus_02 aus_03 aus_04 aus_05 aus_06

On Friday, I kept the kids home from school and we all went to The McWane Center for some kid-friendly fun.

aaus_07 aaus_08 aaus_09 aaus_10 aaus_11 aaus_12 aaus_13 aaus_14

On the top level of the McWane Center is a mini zip line. My 77-year-old dad (who is obviously a kid at heart) took a zip. Oh my. Followed by Beverly and Sharon. You’re only a kid once, right?

aaus_15 aaus_17 aaus_18

Rapha and Emmy were thick as thieves the whole week.

aaus_19 aaus_20

On Saturday, we went to the Alabama Theater to see Polar Express. Through the magic of photoshop, I managed to get a group shot (minus Todd and Max).


My parents in the foyer of the Theater. Aren’t they sweet!

On Sunday, after Church, we all celebrated Beverly’s birthday.

aaus_23 aaus_24

And one last game of of “Bubble Talk” on the back porch.


It was a crazy, exhausting, wonderful Australian week! I’d do it all over again any time! Love and miss my Aussie’s already!

Where We Went, What We Did, Who We Saw & Merry Christmas! | My Life

In lieu of Christmas Cards, discount viagra health I have put together some highlights from this year of our family. I hope you all enjoy!

In February Abby turned 12 and had an expected silly girls slumber party.


In April Max turned 10 and LOVED his Oreo cake. He LOVES Oreo’s!


Also in April, shop Emmy turned 6 and got her first bike.


In March we went to Destin for Spring Break.







During the HOT summer months, discount Abby was chosen to play Allstars Softball with our city league.


In August we took a quick trip to Atlanta and I got to see my BFF, soul-sister, Amy.


This past fall, Emmy cheered and I co-coached her squard! Something I NEVER thought I would do!


For the first time, this Halloween, I made the girls costumes! Abby was Minnie Mouse and Emmy was Rainbow Dash.


In November, we took a weekend trip to Chattanooga. It was really fun to get away together even if it was short.





And just a couple weeks ago, we were so happy to have my Australian family come for a visit! I have only seen my cousins, Beverly and Sharon a handful of times, so it was truely a special week. We went to the McWane center, The Alabama Theatre and ate LOTS of food… including Indian food twice! Love me some HOME COOKING!







So in a nutshell that was our year.

God has given all of us so much. He sent his son, Jesus, in the most humble way with little fanfare so that He could empathize with us. Like us, he experience heartache, temptation, fear, but no one has experience love like He. The love he has for us made Him suffer to purchase our freedom from our sin. That is our Hope. This world can bring so much heartache, but rest assured Hope was born on Christmas Day and is here for all no matter where you’ve been or where you are.

I hope you enjoy two of my favorite Christmas songs.

Labor of Love

Winter Snow