The Right Time | Birmingham Family Photographer

I’m guilty of it too. I make excuses.

“I need to lose about 10 pounds.”
“My hair isn’t laying right.”
“I need to get our wardrobe perfect.”
“I’ll book a session when I have it all together.”

When is the timing right? Of course it’s nice to portray the perfectly coordinated wardrobe, smiles, hair, and waistline. But when the big C comes into the picture all those excuses suddenly fade away. Instead you hold on to your babies. You kiss your husband. If you don’t all have the perfectly matched shoes you go barefoot. And you book your family session.

Cancer is not something you plan for or that you consider could happen to you. But it can happen to anyone. Even a pastor of a thriving urban Church. Even if you have a precious, beautiful wife and three of the sweetest children God ever created. Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

But Kam and Olivia’s faith and hope in the goodness of God is bigger. They know that HE is Jehovah-Rapha – the God who heals. They know that HE is Abba Father. They know HE hears them when they cry out to Him.

So they will LIVE in hope and be thankful for each moment.

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